Common bermuda grass is drought resistant, grows on many soils, and makes a good turf if fertilized and mowed right. Common bermudagrass produces many unsightly seedheads, but in spite of this fault, it frequently is used on home lawns due to the ease and economy of establishment. Common bermuda may be planted from either seed or sprigs and with intensive management will provide a high quality turf.



  • 40 Yards per Pallet.
  • Each Pallet covers 360 Sq. Ft. Approximately 18×20



  • Winter Color: Dormant
  • Shade Tolerance: Low
  • Wear Resistance: Excellent
  • Salt Tolerance: Very Good
  • Mowing Height: 1/2″ – 3/4″ (low)
  • Hot Weather Tolerance: Excellent
  • Recovery from Injury: Excellent
  • Seed head Formation: Light
  • Spring Green-up: Late